Chickpeas blended with sesame seed sauce, garlic & lemon

Spicy Hommous

Hommous mixed with jalapeno peppers and our spices blend

Hommous with Veggies

Mix of fresh veggies with our hommous dip

Baba Ghanooj

Charbroiled eggplant with sesame seed sauce, garlic & lemon

Starter Combo

Hommous, baba ghanooj & tabbouli

Falafel Plate

Chickpeas & fava beans ground with onions, parsley, cilantro & spices
served with tahini sauce, tomatoes, lettuce & pickles

Spinach Pie

Sautéed spinach with onions

Veggie Grape Leaves

Rice mixed with blended spices rolled in natural grape leaves

Sautéed Mushrooms

Lamb Grape Leaves

Grounded lamb and rice mixed with blended
spice rolled in natural grape leaves

Lamb or Chicken Sautee

Lamb or chicken mixed with mushrooms, cilantro & herbs

Chicken Wings

Lightly battered and fried with garlic

Fried Kebbeh

Sautéed ground meat & onions stuffed in kibbeh
balls & fried in vegetable oil

Cheese Quesadilla

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, hallom cheese & herbs

Mixed Maza

Falafel, fried kibbeh, fattoush, hommous, baba ghanooj, tabbouli,
lamb and veggie grape leaves, spinach pie, meat pie & mjadra

Lamb Meat Pie

Hommous Topped With Lamb or Chicken

Tender tips of chicken or lamb, sautéed with fresh garlic,
almonds & fresh lemon juice