All entrees are served with your choice of Fries, Rice, or Grilled Vegetables and Soup or Salad

Cream Chops

Tender chicken breasts, breaded and fried to perfection

Alexandria Special Steak

Beef steak (12oz) marinated to perfection topped with
sautee mushrooms sauce & side of sautéed veggies

Shish Tawook

Classic or with lemon-oregano Chicken breast cubes
marinated in our spice blend and charbroiled

Shish Kabob

Lamb or beef tenderloin marinated to
perfection and charbroiled

Deboned Chicken



White meat only add $2.00

Lamb Chops *3pcs

Lamb Chops *5pcs

Shish Kafta

Ground meat with parsley, onions & our own spices blend

David Basha

Beef meat balls mixed with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & special spices

Chicken Shawarma Plate

Slow roasted and shaved off a rotisserie skewer

Meat Shawarma Plate

Marinated meat slow roasted and shaved off a rotisserie skewer

Chicken Kafta

Ground white chicken meat marinated to perfection
topped with parsley & onions

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver cooked with sautéed onions, green onions, peppers & a hint of lemon

Hommous w/ Lamb or Chicken

Hommous topped with sautéed meat or chicken & pine nuts


Tender pieces of chicken breast, beef or lamb sautéed wit
h mushrooms, fresh cilantro & a hint of garlic


3 pieces of marinated quail in lemon, garlic, sauce & natural herbs & spices

Lamb, Beef or Chicken Ghallaba (classic or zesty)

Stir fry with assorted veggies & natural herbs

Vegetarian Ghallaba (classic or zesty)

Assorted vegetable stir fry. Carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions & green peppers

Hommous with Ghallaba (classic or zesty)

Choice of chicken, beef or lamb stir fry with veggies

Hommous with Shawarma

Lamb or Chicken